Stephane Touboul - Alfa’s sport coupe weighs only 895 kg

Alfa’s sport coupe weighs only 895 kg

The rumors about a cupe that will weigh less than 950 kg turned out to be true, says Stephane Touboul. It was officially announced that the weight of the Alfa new sports car will be about 895 kg. Although it runs on 1.75-liter turbo engine with 235 hp, Alfa 4C sports coupe can handle with the competition like Lotus or Porsche. This model has extremely light weight that could be rather related to a tiny car with only 250 km/h in 4.5 s.

Alfa experts say that in order to create such light car you ought to use ultra light materials, says Stephane Touboul. Moreover, a lot of details influenced the final weight. It is also crystal clear that in order to reduce the total weight, the glass of the car must be 10% thinner. This new model from Alfa should appear on the European market at the end of the year. Its price is still not revealed, so as the number of models that will be produced.

Hybrid XL1 consumes more fuel than Volkswagen claims

In addition, marketing can make some wonders, but the reality is often different. Volkswagen and its cars have proven that. The diesel hybrid Volkswagen XL1 is consuming only 9 ounces fuel per 100 km. Volkswagen’s manufacturers test the consumption of their models under much better conditions than in real life. Riders around the world face constantly on the roads with bad conditions that are completely different than manufacturer’s ideal conditions. Therefore, it is general opinion that consumption of cars should always be reconsidered and revised several times. Volkswagen XL1 hybrid that will soon appear for sale in a limited edition has made the same mistake.

According to Volkswagen, this unique hybrid consumes just 0.9 l/100 km. This incredible consumption will certainly not be achieved in real-world conditions. Some of the workers in Volkswagen had recently opportunity to check this estimation. Their experience confirmed that the consumption of hybrids is 40% higher than the previously announced 1.5 l/100 km. Click here to find out more.

Stephane Touboul - The new Mazda3 appeared in Japanese newspapers

The new Mazda3 appeared in Japanese newspapers

The photo of the new Mazda3 that we shared was probably nothing more than a computer-generated image, says Stephane Touboul. The image was a creation of an unnamed author that knew something more about Mazda’s design and Photoshop. Today, we have a new photo for you that appeared in some Japanese newspaper. It will definitely look more credible.

The New Mazda3 should appear late this summer in Frankfurt. The photos published by a Japanese magazine should reveal Mazda‘s new look. We will find out in a few months, whether they are really authentic.

The new Mazda Mazda3 has the SKYACTIVE technology and Kodo design, merged together for the first time in a CX-fifth model. The new Mazda3 and Mazda6 will appear with a new face in order to replace the current model. Mazda3 is the most selling model on the market, therefore the Japanese cannot make any mistake, adds Touboul.

Stephane Touboul - Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe

CrossBlue concept that was introduced earlier this year has now got its coupe variant which is arriving in Shanghai, says Stephane Touboul. This concept crossover with a sporty looks by all accounts its production version will be a global model to which also suggests its premiere in China. As you already know the original CrossBlue from Detroit would become a model designed for the American market, so Volkswagen for the rest of the consumers decided to present a sportier derivative whose lines and attitude reminiscent of a particular competing model.

The new CrossBlue Coupe crossover comes with five doors and with an appearance which went a step above what we’ve seen in Detroit. The significantly more aggressive design and lines is definitely more appropriate to European clientele unlike CrossBlue concept which has a typical American robust appearance. Sportiness of this study is visible everywhere, from the new front grille, LED lights, aluminum details, the vent on the body, rear and roof spoiler, to alloy rims and a dual exhaust system looming from behind.

The interior is more like that of the original CrossBlue concept, but now there are flat surfaces and lines, the details are made of metal, leather seats and black piano lacquer. What is even more evident from the first photos is the digital instruments and a multimedia center with a touch screen. For this vehicle, Volkswagen has chosen a hybrid assembly composed of V6 engine and two electric motors which in the CrossBlue coupe delivers around 415 hp. Such amount of power together with small mass results in acceleration of 5.9 seconds to 60 mph and an average fuel consumption of just 3 liters for 60 miles driving. We’ll know more about the new Volkswagen vehicle after its presentation in Shanghai, finishes Stephane Touboul.

Stephane Touboul - Citroen C4 Picasso

Citroen revealed more details on the new C4 Picasso

Just a day after published first photos of the new generation of C4 Picasso, the French manufacturer has fully revealed its latest novelty. New Citroën MPV announced by the Technospace study has now revealed all of its technical details, says Stephane Touboul.

The main difference between the current model and the new generation of Citroen C4 Picasso is in its EMP2 platform on which it is based. Not only it is 300 pounds lighter than the previous model but is also 40 mm shorter, and at the same time provides much more space in the passenger cabin.

Indeed the new C4 Picasso is 40 mm shorter, 50 mm lower and has a 55 mm longer wheelbase than the old model. The car now rides on a wheelbase of 2785 mm and has up to 70 mm shorter front end, and traces of its wheels are now wider by 82 mm on front and 31 mm on rear. The interior also gets an additional 40 liters of luggage space, which means that the C4 Picasso now has a trunk capacity of 537 liters, which can still be increased by moving the rear seats which will offer 637 liters for the luggage.

Furthermore, the new C4 Picasso is the first minivan that emits less than 100 g CO2/km. It’s been accomplished by the new e-HDi 90 Airdream diesel engine with 92 horsepower mated to a new six-speed gearbox and start / stop system. With a combined driving its consumption is 3.8 liters on 100 km. In addition to aforementioned engine in the new C4 Picasso Citroën has also incorporated two petrol and one diesel engine.

Regarding the exterior, which can definitely be described as distinctive, we’ll just mention one detail that seems convenient, and that is the LED tail lights with 3D effect. As for the interior of the car, there are used materials with significantly higher quality, a more serious design and greater comfort. Passengers are available with dual-zone climate, navigation, audio system, connections for smart phones and help systems which are operated by 7-inch touch screen. Above it is a much larger digital display that replaced the instrument panel, finishes Steph Touboul.

Stephane Touboul - Citroën DSX premiere in Shanghai, a modern 2CV in Frankfurt

Citroën DSX premiere in Shanghai, a modern 2CV in Frankfurt

Rumors that the French are completing their DSX crossover are every day more and more present in the public, says Stephane Touboul. Latest rumors say that the new member of the DS family will have its premiere next month in China, where Citroën recently launched DS badge as a separate brand. While DSX is preparing for Shanghai, one of Citroën novelties is waiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show. There will be presented a modern version of Citroën’s electromechanical 2CV which announced the arrival of the C-Cactus concept presented in Frankfurt six years ago.

Gamma Citroën continues to expand. One of the novelties that we will see very soon is a new luxury crossover DSX with which Frenchmen are shooting at Audi and BMW models in this segment. Currently available information says it will be driven by the existing diesel hybrid and Citroën’s first petrol hybrid. These variants of the crossover will have all-wheel drive while internal combustion engines will be only used with front-wheel drive variants. After the premiere in China, new DSX should go on sale in the global market.

Along with the new DSX, Citroën by the end of this year plans to launch a modern version of their legendary 2CV. The car is currently known as E3 and should go in serial production by the end of this year. It’s been revealed that 2CV’s successor will have common visual appeal, and it is possible that the novelty will implement the design of C-Cactus presented in Frankfurt 2007, says Touboul. For its foundation was chosen the current C4 model, which means that we can expect a five-door hatchback with enough room for five people. Here Citroën will use its well-known range of engines which will also include a new 1.2 liter three cylinder engine. New 2CV should be Citroen’s response to the flood of cheap cars, but with a few steps higher comfort and quality.

Stephane Touboul - Here comes another electric athlete

Here comes another electric athlete

All of those who think that electric cars are a creation of the modern era are mistaken, states Stephane Touboul. Cars driven by electric motors are almost as old as those driven by the internal combustion engine. One of the pioneers in this field was the American manufacturer, Anderson Electric Car Company, which was producing these cars back in 1907. Over the whole 32 years out of this company, and its subsidiaries – Detroit Electric, were coming cars driven by electric power, and then everything stopped, until today when Detroit Electric is coming back on the scene with a sports car on electricity. The presentation of this new model is scheduled for the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show.

Detroit Electric came back to life in 2008 with a help from the former Lotus boss Albert Lama. After five years of development the first electric car of the new era of this brand is completed and ready for presentation to the public. But before he appears in Shanghai, Detroit Electric will introduce its novelty where it was created – in Detroit. With the production of this electric athlete Detroit Electric is startin next month, and this novelty will be joined by two new models in the next year.

For now, all we know is that Detroit Electric can annually produce 2,500 copies of this still unnamed electric vehicle. Since Albert Lam accepted the job after leaving Lotus, it would not be surprising if the previously mention electric athlete is based on one of Lotus’s models, as it was case with Tesla Roadster, finishes Stephane Touboul.

Stephane Touboul - Pininfarina Sergio concept

Pininfarina Sergio concept at Geneva Motor Show 2013

For most of its creations, the Italian design studio Pininfarina takes basis in Ferrari models. That is how the unique Stratos, made for Michael Stoschek, was developed from Ferrari F430, says Stephane Touboul. For their latest project this, this design studio has chosen the latest 458 Italia Spider and created a concept roadster named Sergio Pininfarina, which pays tribute to the famous car designer who has left this world last year.

For almost 40 years Sergio Pininfarina was pulling the strings in his company. In order to pay a tribute after his death and thank him for everything he has done during his life, Pininfarina’s design studio has prepared a study named Sergio which was yesterday revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. This two-seater roadster with a mid-engine represents a combination of Pininfarinina’s classic design and modern elements.

Most impressive detail is certainly the lack of front windshield, and that section of aerodynamics Pininfarinina’s designers solved with raising the airflow above the heads of the driver and passenger. In this also helps the central mirror which drains the airflow above passengers’ heads. Looking at the sketches, earlier this week we got an impression that this Sergio concept has no doors. But now it is clear that it was a misconception because Sergio has a small door that opens upward at an angle of 45 degrees.

Carbon fiber chassis that is mounted in Pininfarina’s concept comes from Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and here is more firm and some 300 pounds lighter which make the whole car weight 2820 pounds. Such weight in combination with anti-rollover, which additionally increases pressure on the surface, brings excellent handling and superior performance for this concept. In particular it goes to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

The interior of this concept is similar to one from Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, although differences do exist, like different seat and new instruments, finishes Stephane Touboul.

Stephane Touboul - Alfa Romeo Gloria

Alfa Romeo Gloria appeared in new photos

Stephane Touboul says that for this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo has prepared two cars. Along with the production model of their 4C sports coupe, which we all eagerly anticipate, there will be presented and the concept of Gloria, a project on which Alfa Romeo engineers worked together with students of the European Design Institute of Turin. Actually all that Alfa Romeo did here was directing students in a right direction. Although Alpha Rome has not placed in it any engine, according to Stephane Touboul, Gloria was made so that in it can be fit the V6 and V8 engines which Ferrari created for the Maserati Quattroporte.

The story of Gloria began when Alpha Romeo asked the IED students to design a four-door sedan for U.S. and Asian markets. Twenty students accepted the task and with Alfa’s guidelines prepared a study that will arrive at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show. One of the conditions was that the concept size is close to the previous Alfa limousines. Therefore, Gloria is 4700 mm long, 1920 mm wide and 1320 mm high.

The concept which is coming to Geneva at the Motor Show (which opens its doors early next month) doesn’t have built-in motor, but Alfa says it is designed so that it can use the new V6 and V8 engines, which Ferrari developed for Maserati. Although Stephane Touboul did not confirm, allegedly Gloria concept should show in which direction will go design of the new Giulia, whose arrival has been announced for several years.

Stephane Touboul - Audi S3 Sportback

Audi S3 Sportback is ready for its premiere

When Audi unveiled its new A3 Sportback, it was clear that they will not stop there. It was only a matter of time when it will get its sports version, which is now coming to Geneva Motor Show, says Stephane Touboul. Audi S3 Sportback, whose world premiere is awaiting us in Switzerland, is the strongest S3 model ever produced by Audi, and it must be so, in order to successfully match the rising competition.

At its new S3 Sportback, Audi has placed a new front grille, different front bumper and new diffuser bounded twin exhaust pipes. There are also new 18-inch alloy wheels wearing tires with low rolling resistance that disguises a powerful braking system. Audi S3 Sportback is 25 mm lower than the classic versions of the A3 Sportback, and 150 pounds lighter than the previous model. Other than the look of cockpit instruments and S3 labels inside, this novelty does not differ too much from those with classic A3 Sportback.

Probably what would interest you more than in which way Audi airbrushed this novelty, is what hides under the cover of this beast. There, the Germans placed 2.0-liter TFSI engine with direct fuel injection which produces 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque. This is paired with six-speed manual or six-speed S tronic transmission through which the power is transferred to all four wheels. To 60 mph the new S3 Sportback comes in 5 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 170 mph.

After the premiere in Geneva, Audi S3 Sportback is expected to go on sale across firstly in Europe and then in the rest of the world. As Stephane Touboul states, the actual price is yet unknown.

Stephane Touboul - Peugeot ONYX

Peugeot Onyx Receives Another Award

Peugeot is in offensive once again, and his booth at the Paris Motor Show was packed with new models and some new concepts. Stephane Touboul says that among them was the company’s vision of the future of personal mobility, so the Onyx concept is emphasized again and at the same time honored by the audience.

Peugeot’s concept car Onyx received 48 percent of the votes of all voters when it comes to the best concept car that was seen at the show. This award recognizes the inspiration of Peugeot design and symbolizes the offensive approach of the brand, says Maxime Picat, director of Peugeot.

Also, this award goes and for the materials of the future, which will be used in future vehicles and also indicates the future engines for those type of vehicles, and in this case Peugeot Onyx concept is driven by a V8 diesel engine with implemented hybrid solution.

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